8 Best Vacation and Adventure Spots In Costa Rica

costa rica vacation rentals

Costa Rica is a place where the magic happens, during arribada as many as 100,000 olives Ridley turtles come ashore on Ostional National Wildlife Refuge’s isolated beaches, leaving behind as many as 10 million eggs. This land is also a home of the quetzal which is one of the most colorful and spectacular birds of the tropics and its tail was once highly prized by the Mayan and Aztec nobility. Along with this, the ‘Jesus Christ Lizard’ also lives here which is named as such due to its habit of running across the surface of the water when alarmed. Here nature, ritual, and history mixed together. You can be part of this if you choose to vacation here. There are a lot of Costa Rica vacation rentals in where you will be able to relax after long days of exploring.

But first let’s prepare a list of places which you can use to go on your adventures:

  • Corcovado National Park: This is the largest lowland rainforest in Central America and the most remote rainforest in Costa Rica. Covering nearly half of the entire Osa Peninsula, it is home to exotic species like the endangered jaguar, all 4 Costa Rican monkey species and the Scarlet macaws. You can opt to hike along the shoreline or go right into the jungle to explore the most remote tropical forest in the country.

  • Tarcoles River Cruise, Central Pacific Coast: Home to some of the largest populations of crocodiles in the world, the male crocodiles in here can reach up to 20 feet in length. You will also be able to see them sunbathing or swimming if you opt for a cruise along the Tarcoles River.

costa rica vacation rentals

  • Curi Cancha Reserve: Located in the Arenal-Tempisque area, this privately owned nature reserve is home to a wide variety of reptiles, birds and small animals. Covering 205 acres of tropical cloud forest, the Curi-Cancha provides the perfect opportunity to get back to nature and enjoy bird watching. You can opt to take a guide who can show you where to spot all the rare and shy species or you can go on an exploration journey yourself. Hikers can go hiking along 7 miles of trails which will take them through the virgin rainforest as well as some secondary forests. Always be on the lookout for the sloth, armadillo as well as the three species of monkeys. There are a lot of guided tours here to opt for with family along with a special night tour.

  • Curu Sea Kayaking, Nicoya Peninsula: If you are here to push your boundaries then there are full- and multi-day kayaking tours as well. This Kayaking tour is a 4 day, 3-night trip that includes camping on Playa Quesera which is a stunning deserted white sand beach that is surrounded by thick forests. You can enjoy your days exploring this balmy tropical paradise and then gaze at the stars from a comfortable tent at night. If you are here looking for some peace then the tranquility of the sea and forest will surely please you.

  • Cano Island: No other place has the amount of unique scuba diving spots that the Caño Island Biological Reserve boasts of. Get ready for a personal meet and greet with the aquatic life in here- you will see fishes numbering in the hundreds as well as some spotted dolphins and famous white tip bull sharks. This biological reserve has five designated diving locations, the most famous of which are the El Bajo del Diablo with a depth of 20 to 80 feet; Cueva del Tiburon, with a depth of 50 feet and Marenco Rock with a depth of 50 to 60 feet. But they all allow only 10 divers in at a time.  

costa rica vacation rentals

  • Catalina Islands: The Catalina Islands draw divers and snorkelers alike. Located in the Pacific Ocean beyond Flamingo Bay, Guanacaste. This island of protruding volcanic rock formation is called home by a variety of marine life like eagle rays, moray eels, sea turtles, octopus, seahorses, white tip reef sharks and much more. If you want to go with a guided tour then half day diving and snorkeling tours to Catalina Islands are easily available from the Guanacaste region.

  • La Fortuna Waterfall: The La Fortuna Waterfall is one of Costa Rica’s must-see attractions. Located in the Alajuela Province, this natural gem is situated in the heart of the lush rainforest which is at the base of the (dormant) Chato Volcano in Arenal Volcano National Park. The one thing which will visually hit you upon your arrival is the 75-meter jet of water that drops into a beautiful natural pool. Yes, you can go for a refreshing swim in here.

costa rica vacation rentals

  • La Paz Waterfall Gardens: Featuring magnificent rainforest scenery along with an animal sanctuary, this privately owned ecological center includes both the cloud forest and rainforest. Hikers can rejoice as there are over 2 miles of hiking trails waiting to be explored with a large number of educational animal exhibits that include the butterfly observatory, the aviary, the serpentarium, the frog exhibit as well as the jungle cat exhibit. You can also spot rare South American jungle cats like the Jaguar. Along with this, you can also hand feed hummingbirds. Pro tip: Opt for the half day excursion if you want to get the most out of your visit here even though you can get a bit of everything covered in less than 2 hours.

This country is just a hotbed of natural flora and fauna, waiting to be discovered. This treasure combined with the waterfalls, mangroves, oceans and more is the perfect concoction for an unforgettable trip.

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