Top 5 Best Beaches In Goa

Goa has become one of the most famous of all tourist destinations in the country, with people from all over India as well as the world thronging for a visit to this amazing place.

The place has today become a household name when it comes to beaches and is synonymous with the seaside. Thanks to its unique location and geographical characteristics, the state has experienced a surge in tourism for beach vacations, the likes of which have not been experienced in almost any coastal destination in India. Thanks to the splendid beach, Goa as a retirement destination is one of the best in India

Being an entirely coastal state, there is certainly no shortage of beaches or any other coastal landform one can imagine. On the contrary, there are plenty of little jewels scattered all across the coastline from the north to the south.

There are certainly a lot of different choices to choose from in Goa when searching for an ideal beach. This is especially tricky to a certain extent since the state probably has more beaches than most other locations in India, when taking area into account.

Given below are five amazing beach destinations located in Goa, which every tourist would certainly enjoy a visit to:

1.) Mandrem Beach

Located in a scenic coastal village named Mandrem, Mandrem happens to be an excellent beach for all who might want to experience the seashores of Goa without dealing with any crowds.

What makes this beach unique from the rest in Goa is the rather wild side of Mandrem. The place happens to be located in a place frequented by the endangered Olive Ridley Turtles, which reach the shores to lay their eggs. In addition to this, the place is also an amazing location to spot dolphins, with plenty of them living just off the region’s coast.

The place is very well connected in terms of roads. At the same time however, it is always best to use private transportation for getting around Mandrem as it is a rarely visited location compared to other similar beaches in Goa.

2.) Sinquerim Beach

This is one of the most picturesque beaches in all of Goa. Located near the historic Sinquerim fort, the place offers an amazing getaway to anyone who wants a place along the shoreline for rest and relaxation.

The beach is smaller than many of the other beaches in the area, with the main interest being more in the Sinquerim fort rather than the beach itself. There are a few other historical attractions in the area apart from these, many of which are just a short walk away.

In terms of nature, one can experience the beauty of the vast Arabian sea without any obstructions. In addition to this, there are also the occasional sightings of the dolphins living just off the coastal area.

The place can be reached by road and has excellent connectivity to the rest of the state as well as country.

3.) Betul Beach

Betul beach is one of the most serene and peaceful of all the beaches in Goa, located very far from the rush and crowd of other beaches.

Located just around 18 km away from Margao, the place is excellent if one is looking for a place that happens to be untainted in natural beauty.

In addition to this, there is also a beautiful and majestic 17th century fort as well as a Baradi Cross church in the nearby vicinity.

Being in an isolated area, it is best to reach here using some form of private transportation.

4.) Baga Beach

Baga beach is named after a creek that flows into the Arabian sea.

The location of the beach is very close to this particular creek, with the place just a stone’s throw away from the creek land. The beach itself is a short walk away from Bardez, a well known town that comes under the jurisdiction of Calangute.

This beach is very popular among tourists, be they domestic or international. Visitors to the beach areas can expect to see a generally high level of crowds, even if it may change depending on the time of the year.

In addition to this, the beach also happens to be an excellent and wonderful place to experience the sunset, with very little coming in the way and being an obstruction to the Arabian sea.

Parasailing and other adventure activities in baga beach are famous. In addition, there are a lot of scenic and natural areas that are worth exploring while in this picturesque location.

Transportation is not going to be an issue, since the place has plenty of public and private operators providing services in and out of Baga.

5.) Benaulim Beach

Benaulim is an unexplored beach located in the south western region of Margao.

Despite being well known, it is rarely visited by almost all tourists, making it a truly amazing choice for those who desire a place where they can have some peace and quiet.

The place is famous for its bull fighting events and the Church of St John the Baptist.

Located just about 5 km from the city of Margao, Benaulim beach is very well connected in terms of transportation.

In all, these are but some of the best beaches that one can visit while in Goa.

The place as such however, has a lot more to offer than these five, with lovely coastal locations tucked in every last nook and corner of this beautiful and sunny state.

As a whole, those who visit these beaches or for that matter, any other, would surely go back home with some amazing memories.

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