27 Year Old Russian Dropped Out of College Becomes World’s Youngest Crypto Billionaire

Russian 🇷🇺 programmer Vitalik Buterin has been officially crowned because the world’s 🌍 #Youngest crypto Billionaire
after the Digital currency Ethereum surged 📈 above a $3000 price mark.
Buterin Born in 1994 during a small Russian town called Kolomna, moved to Canada at 4 years aged with family for
better work opportunities.
On getting his First computer 💻, this boy Developed a fascination with the spread sheets on Microsoft Excel.
The young prodigy #Dropped out of the University 🎓 of Waterloo in 2013 so as to find out more about the planet of
By the age of 19, Buterin came up with the #Design of Ethereum (the 2nd Biggest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin) during a
white book . Through this, the aim was to make a general scripting Language to Develop Blockchain Based
Today, Ethereum’s 27 year old co creator is that the world’s youngest crypto #Billionaire 💰.
Ethereum’s cryptocurrency, ether, surged Past $3,000 for the #First time early Monday morning, marking a 325% Rise
since the start of this year.
He holds 333,000 Ether #Boins which are now worth an astonishing $🇺🇸1.029 #Billion. The ether cryptocurrency
features a market capitalisation of $376 billion, Second only to Bitcoin’s $1.08 trillion.
Buterin currently lives in Singapore and in an interview with Wired, said: ‘I saw everything to try to to with either
government regulation or corporate control as just being plain evil. and that i assumed that folks in those institutions
were quite like Mr Burns (in The Simpsons), sitting behind their desks saying : Excellent. How am i able to screw
thousand People Over this point ?

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