Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 106 Urdu Hindi Review Full Episode

Kurulus Osman season 4 episode 4 has been released and is revealing the riddles now. Episode starts and you see a combat among Osman bey and Oluf. Osman bey is confronting Oluf and during this Oluf attacks Osman bey and his arm gets hurt. In reprisal Osman bey attacks him and Oluf gets an injury on arm too. After getting that wound Oluf rages at Osman bey and threatens him that he has to be on the other side Konor Alp is paying for rescuing Ofilia.Kurlus Osman season 4 еріsode 4 is watched by fans all over the world. We see that at Oktem bey’s tribe Kentakuzenus and Oktem bey are confronting each other.

Kentakuzenus who is always working on his plans says that he is not going to leave Oktem because he attacked Kentakuzenus.

Oktem bey is said that he will not spare Kentakuzenus for all his deeds.Kentakuzenus is caluminating him and Oktem bey and his tribe know’s that he is the real culprit. He accused Oktem and ordered to kill their soldiers. Now Oktem bey and his bribe want revenge Kurulus Osman season 4 episode 4 is worth seeing, we see that Turgut is trying to resolve the matter among them But the fighters of Oktem bey are flying into a fit of rage. One of the fighter move forward with the sword and tries to kill Kentakuzenus. Turgut then threatens Oktem that he will be arrested if his soldiers will not step back.But Oktem fighters are not ready to understand. Turgut tries his best to make him realise that they should wait for Osman bey

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 106 Urdu Hindi Review
Full Episode 2hours plus

As soon as he comes the whole matter will be settled down. But Oktem bey and his tribe don’t want to co-operate with him. Instead Oktem’s wife and daughter show doubts. Osman bey ,They say that we have no trust on Osman bey now. He is not helping us instead of supporting us he alliences with our rivals Turgut has to arrest Oktem and show their loyalities with him. At this point Turgut said that “I have to arrest you Oktem bey just to keep the peace and harmony. “And you will be prisoned until Osman bey arrives. “Oktem bey and his tribe are continuosly denying to accept that.

analyse that how hard it. would be to resolve. such issues. Recognizing the JOsman evils and eliminating them. is true task of bey. bey will Let’s see how Osman resolve this dilemma. When the truth will be revealed and how he combats. with upcoming threats. Keep watching. Kurulus Osman su epi u on

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