BillionToOne's COVID-19 Response

  1. 30X higher throughput, unlocking 1+ million test per day capacity in the US alone

  2. Our method relies on a Sanger sequencing-based molecular diagnostic for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2; COVID-19).

    Sanger Sequencing is the most widely used sequencing method and was the method behind the Human Genome Project. The race to be the first to complete human genome sequencing forced the invention of high-throughput Sanger sequencers, which put the project ahead of schedule by nearly five years.

    Using the patent-pending qSanger spike-in and proprietary machine learning algorithms, BillionToOne’s COVID-19 assay takes advantage of the 30X higher throughput Sanger sequencing capacity. Each Sanger instrument can automatically perform 3,840 tests per day, and there are hundreds of instruments available from the Human Genome Project alone. It only takes 260 instruments to reach 1 million/day testing capacity.

    qSanger™️ technology unlocks >1M+ testing capacity per day by taking advantage of high-throughput Sanger sequencers developed for the Human Genome Project.

  3. Unique testing method, avoiding the supply chain bottlenecks

    qSanger-COVID-19 test uses different sets of instruments and chemicals from existing COVID-19 tests. This will enable labs to unlock a new set of unused capacity. 

  4. Extremely accurate

    BillionToOne’s qSanger-COVID-19 test sequences the virus’s genome, which makes the test extremely sensitive and specific. Our test accuracy is on par or better than other COVID-19 tests available in the market. 

  5. Distributed model, enabling testing capacity to scale up in days 

    qSanger-COVID-19 test is easily adoptable at any labs with Sanger sequencers with minimum training. Test reagents will be made available in about 2 weeks to clinical laboratories, pending manufacturing of kits and Emergency Use Authorization from FDA.

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