• 'Panzer Dragoon: Remake' is one of many surprise Switch releases today

    Besides the 1995 classic, you can also pick up Shinsekai: Into the Depths. We first got a chance to play…

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  • OnePlus 8 Pro surfaces in luscious green shade with IP68 and 30W wireless charging

    As OnePlus handsets have gradually moved up the pricing ladder, buyers have become less forgiving of several premium features that…

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  • Delete These Malware-Filled Android Apps Aimed at Kids

    Once again, a batch of Android apps managed to make their way onto the Google Play Store and infect more…

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  • Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass

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  • Smash Bros. Ultimate gets Arms fighter; Arms free for Nintendo Online

    Arms, the 2017 fighting game for Nintendo Switch, loans one of its combatants to Super Smash Bros. Ultimates Fighters Pass…

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  • BioShock, Borderlands games coming to Nintendo Switch in May

    On Thursday, Nintendo surprised fans with a new Nintendo Direct Mini presentation including a bunch of new information about games…

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