• Corona Crisis: How Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon's Business Shined

    Much of the world is currently under lockdown. Consumers are not spending and many industries are on the verge of…

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  • Facebook Supreme Court: An organization that won't even listen to Mark Zuckerberg

    How many times have you shared a post on Facebook or Instagram and that post has been removed? Of course,…

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  • Chinese hackers could target Corona probe, US warns

    The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) have said in a…

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  • Free 1500 Online Courses

    Take online courses from the world’s top universities for free. Below, you will find 1,500 online courses from universities like…

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  • Best Cloud Storage Services to Use in 2020

    Dropbox Alternatives Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services out there. Being a cloud storage service, it…

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  • yusufnb/verify-json

    Library to verify JSON structure easily using a lightweight JSON schema syntax This project results from my need to verify…

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