Google Phone app now available on Play Store for some non-Pixel phones

The Google Phone app has been a constantly-evolving piece of software that many users prefer over third-party dialers. Unfortunately, Google has always restricted the app’s use to Pixel and Android One phones, something that has led to multiple modded APKs and workarounds for other types of phones. Thankfully, the Phone app is now available on the Play Store for a bevy of non-Google-branded devices.

While not all devices are able to find the Phone on the Play Store — Samsung and OnePlus devices, in particular, are unable to search for or install it — a number of reports have found that multiple third-party phones are now able to search for and install the app. So far, the Zenfone 6, the Oppo Find X2 Pro, and the LG V60 are confirmed as being able to download it.

The Play Store listing for the Phone app on an Oppo Find X2.

XDA dug deeper and found that the Phone app requires the dialer’s shared library to be present on the phone, which it is not on Samsung and OnePlus devices. If you’d like to see if your phone is now compatible with the dialer, you can check the Play Store link below or online free dating sites in asian.

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