Here's The Cinematic Driving Footage You Needed To Get Fired Up Today

Screenshot: Off Road Racer (YouTube)

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Racing in the desert really does feel like some kind of mythical battle. Masses of metal clang and bang, leather and rubber stretch and sway. Oil and blood mix on the hands of people hard at work. This new “Race Motion” video series captures that in cinematic magnificence.

Off-road Event producers and marketers Mad Media have given us a nice little gift here: It seems like Race Motion is essentially the product of “we had a bunch of awesome footage people needed to see, so we’re cutting it with epic music and releasing it.”

The first result is this bangers-only shot reel from the 2020 Mint 400 that went down last month:

Generally, I would say that videos need to have a beginning, middle, and end to be watchable. Even if they’re short. But these clips were too good to leave languishing on some hard drive somewhere, so I’m glad they’re going to live on YouTube for all of us to enjoy.

From Mad Media CEO Matt Martelli:

“As Cinematographers we get to see some amazing moments during an off-road race, many of which never get used in our final edits. We have launched a new videos series call “Race Motion” that showcases some of our best shots we capture. The series is a cinematic study combining, light, focus, composition, intuition, timing and a little bit of luck to create remarkable shots that communicate the energy that is being unleashed by the violent action of these incredible vehicles contrasted with the stunning beauty of the Mojave desert. The high frame rate slo-motion shots really allow you to see how incredible off-road race vehicles are.”

I am 100 percent on board for Mad Media to keep turning these out. Once there’s a longer playlist, it’ll make for some nice ambiance while I’m stuck at home wishing I was kicking dust up a few hundred miles from my couch.

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