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How to accept international payments credit card – paypal in pakistan

Pakistan is the fourth largest online working community in the world. and most of the freelancers from Pakistan do face payments and transaction problems.

We all know there is no perfect way to receive our payments outside the freelancing platforms but that’s not true 😀

Today in this article I’m going to share and help you with such useful information which is going to blow your mind. because most of us think Pakistan can’t accept international payments unless we have someone outside Pakistan to help us opening foreign bank accounts and business for verification.

I have been running my software company for 7 years and I never faced payment issues because I use to always search for solutions and guess what? I found amazing payment solutions which can help you too to receive your funds directly from your employers without any middle-men.

Some of these payment solutions are not only going to help you with payments but also do provide you the option to manage your transactions in your inventory and provide you a white-label solution to manage your items products or services within the account. and once your items information is filled you can share the link with your clients to get paid directly.

So without wasting any further time let’s dig-into solution.

Here is the list of payment gateways which we are going to explore today.

01. Paddle
02. Fastspring
03. Payproglobal
04. 2checkout

o1. paddle

let’s start with the Paddle the one of our most favorite payment gateways. paddle is very easy to manage your account you can register and open your account within a matter of seconds with them from this link prodigy dating history

once you signup with them and get your demo you can send them an email to activate your account or wait for their support system to verify you asap. normally their take 24 to 48 hours to activate and all you need to get verified is just a working website and it can have any digital products ( recommended )

the payout time with paddle is 30 days and means 1st of every month you will receive your payments directly to your local bank account your Payoneer account or you can get on your your PayPal account too.

the best thing about paddle is they do accept 22+ credit cards + paypal. you can accept paypal payments without getting into any hassle. if you sell digital goods paddle suppose to be your best buddy to help you with your financials as their backend system is very user friendly and they do also provide a complete inventory management system to track your sales.

they do also provide SDK for their API integration and its very easy to get connected with your website.

if you need more help about paddle please do contact them directly and I’m sure you will be happy to take them onboard for your next sales.

02. Fastspring

Fastspring is also awesome payment solution they do support more gateways then paddle and they do also help you to accept paypal without having paypal account.
the payout withdrawal time with fastspring is 15 days or you can negotiate with them and they are very flexible in terms of account opening.

But the major problem with fastspring is technical support. as most of the time they may even suspend your account just because of your website’s weak security and performance but fastspring is also good option if you sell digital solutions.

to signup and open your account with them here is the link

Consider giving them try it worth to work with them. we have worked with them for more than 3 months but due to some technical disagreements, we did not continue to work anymore.

03. Payproglobal

Payproglobal is the complete cloud SAAS app payments solution. they offer licenses to connect with your platform and automate your sales if you sell digital products.

payproglobal also payout after 30 days but the biggest issue with them is they charge tax % much higher then other gateways. and if you have huge sales they require manual verification from your clients after making the payment. this causes a lot of disturbance with your clients. and because the gateways are not well famous most clients afraid to use it for payments.

But the backend system they do offer is remarkable the analytics and tools is super easy to handle. payproglobal also offers you a custom checkout theme that helps you to close more sales by inspiring your clients on checkout.

to must give them a try too here is the signup link dating website for introverts

Payproglobal is also especially for SaaS and Cloud-based apps. they do support on-premises as well but mostly their model is subscription-based products or services.

Highly recommended if you sell digital products and looking for a reliable solution to help you cater the payment and financials.

04. 2checkout

2checkout is the well-known payment gateway and I included this just because in case if you are into ecom business not in the technical side. 2checkout will be your best option to get your payments after the delivery of your physical goods.

the verification process with 2checkout is a little painful and due to 3rd-word country. they put more pressure on clients and also require some legal evidence too to activate your production account.

if you are into physical business you must go with 2checkout their integration is very easy and the backend is very user-friendly.

to signup and use 2checkout here is the link

that’s all for now I tried to cover all the possible payment options which people here in Pakistan are not familiar with. I hope this article helped you and now you are about to receive your first them using these payment solutions 🙂

if you have any more questions feel free to write in the commend box and I will be happy to assist you further.

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