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How to live longer ageing science - Vnu Net Blogs

How to live longer ageing science

27 Health tips from the science expert to live long

  1. Avoid overeating
  2. Exercise
  3. Reduce Stress in Your Life
  4. Eat more nuts
  5. Try out turmeric
  6. Eat plenty of healthy plant foods
  7. Stay physically active
  8. Don’t smoke
  9. Moderate your alcohol intake
  10. Prioritize your happiness
  11. Avoid chronic stress and anxiety
  12. Nurture your social circle
  13. Be more conscientious
  14. Drink coffee or tea
  15. Develop a good sleeping pattern
  16. Maintain a healthy weight
  17. Make healthy food choices
  18. Watch Less Television
  19. Have Sex
  20. Eat Less Red Meat
  21. Socialize
  22. Eat Less
  23. Meditate
  24. Maintain a Healthy Weight
  25. Laugh Often
  26. Don’t Spend Too Much Time in the Sun
  27. Cook Your Own Food

A recent study found that four bad behaviors—smoking, drinking too much alcohol, not exercising, and not eating enough fruits and veggies—can hustle you into an early grave, and, in effect, age you by as many as 12 years.

10 Things to Stop Doing If You Want a Longer Life

  1. Stop Eating Mainly Processed Foods
  2. Stop Smoking
  3. Stop Sitting Still
  4. Stop Holding a Grudge
  5. Stop Keeping to Yourself
  6. Stop Thinking That Only Big Changes Count
  7. Stop Letting Fear
  8. Stop Cheating Your Night’s Sleep
  9. Stop Stressing
  10. Stop Relying on (or Blaming) Your Genes


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