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How To Write Urdu Arabic Persian In Adobe Illustrator

First, open Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 and in Menu Bar click: Edit > Preferences > Type…
Just make sure that Show Indic Options is selected. And if it is not selected then select Show Indic Options and Press OK.
Next, come to Menu Bar and click Window Type > Paragraph
And you will get the Paragraph dialogue box. Now click small Icon to the top right corner and click Middle Eastern and South Asian Single Line, Composer

That’s it. Now you are ready. Select your text tool and make sure that you have changed your keyboard in Windows and Write whatever you are going to design either it is in Arabic, Persian or Urdu. All those languages will work great without any problem.

Here is the complete video which will show you everything to configure Adobe Illustrator to write Urdu, Arabic and Persian.

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