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At Hex-rays we believe that even if our world of technology presents increasing challenges and threats, it is above all a world of numerous opportunities, particularly for gifted reverse-engineers who are either experts in the field or simply passionate individuals.

To this day, despite there being several options available on the market, no solutions were presented that were fast and reliable enough, offering the levels of quality and responsiveness of support that could accompany and simplify the work of hobbyist reverse-engineers for an affordable price.

Benefiting from the experience gained over a period of almost 30 years creating reverse-engineering software, Hex-Rays is proud to announce the next release of IDA Home, our newborn solution. Fueled by the power of the latest version of IDA Pro, IDA Home is the perfect successor of IDA Starter in a world of 64-bit software.

IDA Home has been exclusively designed to bring the experience of IDA Pro to reverse-engineers hobbyists, for the equivalent of 1$ a day!

IDA Home’s main features:

  • Ability to analyze 64-bit applications
  • Powerful IDAPython scripting with Python 3 support is included
  • Local native debugger included
  • One processor family of choice from the most common processors: PC, ARM, M68K, MIPS, PPC
  • Annual subscription
  • Named license only
  • For a price of 365$ / year

IDA Home, available beginning of May!

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