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iPhone has some hidden features you might not know

There are plenty of things your iPhone can do but you possibly do not know about it.
Chances are that there are many amazing features hidden from you or you have not come across them as yet regardless of owning an iPhone for a long time.
There are many advanced features that you need to tap into to utilize your phone better.

Amazing Features In iPhone:

Calculator Trick

Instead of erasing your sum completely you can drag to either right or left to erase any number you like. In fact, you can use the scientific calculator on your iPhone after you shift to landscape mode.

Snap A Photo While Shooting A Video

Ever wondered what is the purpose of the little circular button on the screen while recording? Well, it allows you to snap a photo whilst shooting a video.

Do Not Disturb Feature For Driving

The ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ feature while driving allows you to auto-reply to the incoming contact. The feature helps you drive safely and not distract you throughout your journey.

he Notes App Can Transform Your Documents Into Scanned Copies

If you’re a college student, this is the most important feature ever! This iPhone feature transforms your physical documents into soft copies by scanning them with the help of the main camera.

Hide Your Private Photos

Want to show someone something on your gallery? Want to hide few pictures so they do not see them while swiping? Just hide them. This feature lets you hide your selected pictures and add them to a separate folder.


Inbuilt Magnifier Feature

The Inbuilt Magnifier Feature lets you use your device’s camera to quickly magnify your surroundings. When enabled, triple-click the Home button to begin Magnifier.

Lock Focus And Exposure When Taking A Photo

‘Lock Focus and Exposure’ by holding on to the screen. Once you’ve set your desired exposure and also defined focus, click away!

 Call Your Last Clicked Number In A Second

This feature allows you to make a call in seconds to your last dialled number. Just click on the call icon and you’re good to go.

Set Ringtone For Specified Contacts

Know who’s calling by just listening to the specified ringtone. Click on contacts and set your desired ringtone for each of the contacts.

Make Custom Replies For Missed Calls

iPhone allows you to customize texts for missed calls. In case you’re busy, the iPhone can respond for you. Make sure you save the desired text.

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