Microsoft Teams Fix Call Queues not working

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If you are the usage of Microsoft Teams, then you will be using the Cloud Call Queues function of it. If you are dealing with any troublewhere Microsoft Teams Call Queues is not operating, then study similarly to know a way to restore it. Before the restoreright here is a bit of introduction to Microsoft Teams and its Cloud Call Queues feature.
Microsoft Teams and Cloud Call Queues function
Microsoft Teams is a first-rate application that is supporting corporations and personnel across the world. It is an app in which you could chat, meet, name, and collaborate with all and sundry your figure with. You can do the whole thing in one place, no matter wherein you are. It has in truth end up certainly one of the maximum sought after gear to collaborate and connect to your team.
Microsoft Teams is as famous as Skype for Business, due to its several useful features. As a part of the Office 365 suite, Microsoft Teams is capable of exchange the definition of operating collectively and collaboration. Physical boundaries have an effect on no greater when operating with Microsoft Teams.
One of these functions of Microsoft Teams is Calling. Calling in Teams starts offevolved with Microsoft Phone System. It offers all those calling features that an organisation often needs. Under Calling, Microsoft Teams gives 35 different functions that help you meet your commercial enterprise requirements.
One of the Calling functions is Cloud Call Queues. Microsoft Teams Call Queues is a service that accepts client calls, plays a greeting message, and then places these calls in a wait queue whilst searching a pre-configured listing of retailers to answer these calls. You can define the set of sellers in mail-enabled distribution lists or security groups. Your business enterprise could have one or many call queues. Call queues are typically used in mixture with auto attendants.
Microsoft Teams Call Queues not working
There can be several reasons why the Microsoft Teams Call Queues isn’t working. One of the motives could be the absence of Direct Routing numbers, which have to be assigned to the Call Queues. Microsoft Phone System Direct Routing allows you to connect your on-premises telephony infrastructure to Microsoft Teams. Before you start analyzing the core problemtest if you have followed all of the steps involved within the configuration of Direct Routing.
You need to observe the subsequent steps to configure Direct Routing:
To configure Microsoft Phone System and allow users to use Direct Routing, follow these steps:
Connect the SBC with Microsoft Phone System and validate the connection
Enable customers for Direct Routing, voice, and voicemail
Configure voice routing
Translate numbers to an exchange format.
For greater data on those steps, read the detailed records on Microsoft Docs.
If you take a look at the configuration steps once again, the difficulty of Microsoft Teams Calls Queues not running can also get resolved automatically.
Another trouble might be that your Microsoft Teams’ version isn’t always the present day. Microsoft Teams is constantly updated for patches, malicious program fixes, and new capabilities. It is quite possible that you haven’t yet up to date Microsoft Teams to today’s version. Please be aware that the net app of Teams is always up to date; however, you need to update computer and cell apps manually.
These troubleshooting ways must solve the trouble of Microsoft Teams Call Queues now not working. In case the trouble persists, it is advisable to contact Microsoft Support.

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