Rumour: Capcom Has Another Remake in the Works, Not Dino Crisis or Code Veronica X

Targeting 2022 release

stephanie ewell maryland adult dating remake is a rather disappointing follow-up to last year’s austin butler dating, but it doesn’t look like this train is stopping any time soon. According to a new set of rumours doing the rounds today from reliable sources, Capcom has yet another remake in development right now. Helmed by Resident Evil 3 support studio, the developer is supposedly leading a project targeting a release in 2022.

dating site for interracial dating initially reported the news, stating: “it is currently working as the primary developer on a larger remake project for Capcom.” gay escort usa, who has a somewhat positive and reliable track record, expanded on the claim by saying that the game is planned for 2022 and is not a remake of either dating married woman quotes or Resident Evil: Code Veronica X. Given the year stated, we would also expect this to be a PlayStation 5 game.

So, what could it be? Resident Evil 4 could be a good shout, but considering the stature that title holds, the Japanese developer is going to need to put in a lot more work to avoid another Resident Evil 3 situation. At the same time, Capcom has other franchises it could call upon for a remake of a classic. What do you hope this project is? What do you want Capcom to remake next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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