The Floor Is Lava

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You remember jumping from the arm of your parents old mauve sofa onto the ottoman before climbing across onto the bookshelf to reach the TV remote shouting THE FLOOR IS LAVA as a bored human with a single-digit age, right? That has to be a part of developmental growth in the life cycle of a homo sapiens sapiens. Well, extremely good trials bike champion Toni Bou is playing that game at a much higher level of difficulty than any of us were.

Three weeks ago, very early in Spain’s covid-19 lockdown, Bou got a little bit bored and decided that he needed to keep his training up the only way he knew how. By going about his normal everyday routine, inside his own home, on his Honda Montesa Cota 4RT trials bike.

Okay, so the video would have been a little cooler if he’d pre-staged the barstools on the ground and didn’t step right in the lava to set them up. And admittedly he does put both feet square in the lava when he gets on the elevator (oh, yeah, he has a goddamn elevator in his house!) so I guess we’ll just have to say that his shoes and motorcycle boots gave him a short window of lava safety. It’s his house, he can make the fuckin’ rules.

In any case, aside from the video having been filmed in 480P potato-vision, this has to be one of the coolest motorcycle vidoes I’ve seen in recent weeks. Everyone is stuck inside and getting a little bored, so it’s great to see a little creativity to keep the content machine humming along in these bleak times. If you have the skills to put together a better trials riding video than the Spanish champ here, I encourage you to give it a try. Just don’t come bitching to me when you smash your favorite lamp.

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