The world's first 3D anchor has arrived

Beijing: Another masterpiece of modern science has come to light, the world’s first 3D anchor has been introduced in China.
According to a report by a foreign news agency, China’s state-run news agency has introduced the first 3DA-powered news anchor using the latest technology.
This 3D anchor is the first of its kind to easily rotate and display complex facial expressions.

The spokesperson said that she can change her dress and hairstyle according to different scenarios. The footage shows the female anchor blinking her head loudly and also blinking her eyelids.
According to the report, he can be heard saying that I can appear while sitting, standing or walking, I can also change the flexible expression of my face, movement and hairstyle.
“More news scenarios will be presented in the future,” the report said. The Virtual Women Reporter added that my impressions and movements will be improved and updated.

An anchor named Xin Xiaoi, a Chinese search company that specializes in web search. Xiao Wanwei, a reporter covering the news agency’s current affairs, also modelled after that.

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