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Top 5 Online Learning Applications

DigiSkills LMS
DigiSkills LMS is an app that enables you to access all the courses offered by It’s an amazing initiative taken by the Pakistan government, it’s a free program with the mission to train over one million people in developing digital skills. This would ultimately enable people to freelance and earn. The app aims to ensures that Pakistan’s digital economy empowers freelancers, entrepreneurs, and students. Click Here to download the application.
Coursera is an online academy that offers a variety of courses. It has a vast range of lessons and classes available for students. It boasts over 1,000 useful courses for students to learn relevant knowledge and skills with convenience. The courses are designed in a quite sophisticated manner, they include online lectures, assignments, and lesson videos. Students get rewarded by a certificate on completion of a course. Some courses are free, while for others you have to pay a nominal fee.
Khan Academy
Khan Academy is quite a popular online learning platform. It helps in learning more conventional subjects like math, physics, statistics, economics, science and many more.
The app provides you access to 10,000+ educational videos and various lessons and courses. It is very useful for students and the best part is that it’s free of cost.
PhotoMath is a learning app that focuses only on a specific subject – maths. The best and the most unique feature is its OCR capability, you can write down an equation which can be entered in the application by capturing it using a mobile camera. It solves the equation step by step providing a detailed solution, it’s quite helpful as you can learn to solve the problem too.
The free of cost version provides the basic features, while the pro version gives you a step-by-step understanding for completing the equations, better explanations, and extra study resources.
When you think about YouTube most of you don’t thank about an educational application. YouTube is quite a versatile platform with videos of all sorts. It’s the best online learning application if you start using it for learning purposes.
You can learn almost anything from a YouTube video, there are thousands of channels which keep uploading educational videos. On YouTube, you will be able to find a video for learning virtually anything. The only thing which may bug you is the advertisements. You can pay to remove them if you use YouTube frequently for learning purposes.

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