• 7 Free Online Courses by Udemy & BitDegree

    UDemy and BitDegree are the two most popular websites for popular, paid courses. We dug in deep to find some…

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  • کورونا وائرس، گوگل نے زبردست ٹول متعارف کروا دیا

    عالمی وبا کورونا وائرس کی روک تھام کے لیے گوگل نے دلچسپ ٹول متعارف کر دیا ہے۔ کورونا وائرس سے…

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  • 5 WordPress Plugins You must have in your website

    Yoast SEO Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress plugins of all time. Yoast SEO is an awesome…

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  • How to Change WordPress URLs Using phpMyAdmin in MySQL Database

    After migrating a WordPress site to a new URL either to a live production site or a testing development server, the new…

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  • Free Complete WordPress Course in Urdu / Hindi

    Wordpress Course Contents • Install WordPress on your PC or Mac computer, so you can learn without having to pay…

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  • How to live longer ageing science

    27 Health tips from the science expert to live long Avoid overeating Exercise Reduce Stress in Your Life Eat more…

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