• senior speed dating

    SAN FRANCISCO: Most users of Facebook’s platform, the world’s largest Internet company, want to read a friend’s message and not…

  • WhatsApp's decision to restrict forward messages

    WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app, has decided to impose new restrictions on sharing user messages with more people, with…

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  • Google's ability to "copy" handwritten text from a mobile phone and "paste" it into a computer

    Google has introduced a new and very useful feature for its users that allows handwritten text to be “copied” from…

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  • Salesforce’s Benioff pledges no ‘significant’ layoffs for 90s days

    In a Twitter thread on Tuesday, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff outlined an eight-step plan to keep people safe and find…

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  • Dyson and Gtech answer UK call for ventilator design and production to support COVID-19 response

    Companies around the world are shifting production lines and business models to address the needs of governments and healthcare agencies…

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  • Target pauses plans for grocery pickup amid COVID-19 outbreak

    Target is pausing its plans to offer curbside pick-up of groceries and alcoholic beverages, citing the COVID-19 outbreak as the…

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